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Re: Slapd database goes corrupt repeatedly after recovery

Kaspar Fischer <kaspar.fischer@baselgovernance.org> writes:

> Dear list,
> We are using an OpenLDAP/slapd server to manage the user accounts of
> our Samba server and have recently run into the problem that users
> cannot connect to Samba drives anymore after some time. Samba
> complains that it cannot connect to the LDAP server (see below for
> error message in Samba log) and the slapd log shows

>   Mar 25 11:38:15 office-server slapd[3433]: bdb(dc=foo,dc=org): file
> id2entry.bdb has LSN 1/382892, past end of log at 1/283666
> Strangely, restarting slapd helps and users can use Samba again for a
> limited and arbitrary period of time until the problem pops up
> again. I tried fixing the database using
>   db4.7_recover -v -h /var/lib/ldap
> but again, the problem pops up again later.

For some unknown reason the last transaction logfile has been removed,
therefor the database connot be recovered. Unfortunately you have to
rebuild the database


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung