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LDAP Monitoring CN=Monitor


My name is Andreas and I want to inform you about a little project I've been working on called CN=Monitor.
It's about monitoring and verifying directory servers with focus on open source LDAP servers. From single installed servers to large scaled deployments.

Its a webbased application where you can:
* Verify availability, compare load and performance between servers
* Collect historical events for long term analysis (and get weekly reports by mail)
* Verify cluster and load balancing functionality
* Query several directories at the same time for data consistancy verification
... and a lot more.

Why the name CN=Monitor. Well.. a lot of the information collected and analyzed is gathered from the CN=Monitor base DN.

Project page:


I appreciate all feedback I can get so let me know if there are any features you are missing or other things that can improve the application.
Replication and cache monitoring is currently only available for 389 DS. Hopefully this can be added for OpenLDAP in the future.

Best regards - Andreas Andersson