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Re: Configuring OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 8.10

Parag Kalra wrote:
Ok Folks,

Just before I was ready to tear my hair out...I have resolved all the issues...

The first issue was that my root base dn was '*dc=nodomain*' and not '*dc=example,dc=com*'...I don't know why 'phpldapadmin' was showing it that way...

Perhaps because "dc=example,dc=com" may be the default suggestion from phpldapadmin? Did you ever bother to check phpldapadmin's config file?

I had to upgrade 'phpldapadmin' for it to reflect correct root base dn. For all Ubuntu users I would recommened to use 'phpldapadmin' from SFN rather using it from Ubuntu source.

This is a bad advise. Changing the config file is usually more than sufficient.

The second & new issue that I came across was that while adding organisational unit I was getting following error:

I soon realised that I was logging in as '*cn=admin,dc=config*'. I logged out and logged in back as '*cn=admin,dc=nodomain*' and got rid of all the issues...

I don't even think "dc=config" exists, unless you created it yourself. You probably mean "cn=config".

If the base DN "dc=nodomain" is not what you need, you can easily run "dpkg-reconfigure slapd" to override the settings automatically set by the Ubuntu installation process.

Finally, you should probably spend some time reading an LDAP introduction, for instance http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/quickstart.html.

Good luck,