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Re: database size

I have over 30 000 of entries of various types total, hundreds of domains, 
thousands of accounts, thousands of email-related settings, thousands of 
DNS related stuff, at least tens (if not hundreds) indexes.  My database 
size (without bdb transaction logs which contains up to 300-400MB until I 
purge it) - takes about 100-120MB, no major bdb problems so far, unless I 
experiment with some really cutting-edge features and settings.
You must work for really big enterprise, check size of old bdb logs :) 


On Thu, 14 May 2009, Marcel Berteler wrote:

> Our current database size is 7GB and we are wondering how big we can grow
> until we run into LDAP / BDB constrains.
> Are there others on the list that have extremely large databases? Any pointers
> to ensure we can grow our DB even further without issues?
> Marcel