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Re: Notify mechanism for changes on a specific directory?

On 13/04/09 9:37, Bahadır Kandemir wrote:

I'm working on a remote management system that uses LDAP for storing policies.
Clients pull policies from server periodically, but we sometimes need to push
policies to clients instantly. Polling LDAP every five seconds is not an
option, of course.

Is there any auto notification mechanism for LDAP that notifies client about
changes on a specific directory? I've searched archives but could not find

Syncrepl, the protocol used for replication in OpenLDAP (RFC 4533) can provide a "persistant search", that will notify a client of any changes in a search (base, scope, filter, attribute list).

Alternatively, you could probably implement an overlay that would notify clients in any way you like, by intercepting add/modify/delete operations, and acting accordingly.

Last but not least, the back-{perl,shell} backends can call an external script for each operation. In the same spirit as writing an overlay, you could then perform any notification operations you want.

Hope this helps,