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OpenLDAP 2.4 replication to a write-only LDAP server

Hi List,
I am trying to set up replication from an OpenLDAP 2.4 master to a write-only LDAP slave. This slave is not really an LDAP slave, but has an LDAP interface to have changes replicated to it. In earlier OpenLDAP releases I could use slurpd for this, but since this has been deprecated I am trying to get it working using syncrepl. Based on what I found in the online manual I am trying to achieve this with an additional OpenLDAP 2.4 proxy which replicates changes it learns from the master through syncrepl to the slave through the LDAP backend. Is there some way I can get this to work? If the slave is a real LDAP server, then the proxy works, but it stores the contextCSN on the slave, and not on the proxy. If I have some form of storing this contextCSN elsewhere then I might try to start the proxy (in case it dies) with this contextCSN value specified on the command line. Also, when I try to ban searches on the slave (since it is a write-only slave), the proxy thinks none of the master entries exist on the slave and then happily tries to add them to the slave, resulting in duplicate errors.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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