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Re: Comments requested on some support for LDAP I received from Konica Minolta.


The whole issue revolves around how the printer searches, and then what fields it uses for the username. The printer can be used by the user via ldap, however when the user first logs in they must enter the full dn of there user id, most of them have never heard of it! Auto population becomes impossible without changing everyones password. Further more the second time the user is prompted to search a complete list of everyones uid until they find theirs - not a pretty sight. It does successfully extract the email address for scanning! The third problem is the driver, we restrict colour printing, so the user must send the login details via their print driver, again this means entering the whole string not just the username. This is all too complicated for the average user, and I have many professors, so near on impossible!!

What I'd really like to know is whether the remarks Konica have made about RFC's etc are correct for openldap, before I start a little battle!

Many thanks,


Michael Ströder wrote:
Neil Marjoram wrote:
I would really like to here the groups comments on this email I received from KonicaMinolta, it refers to the Bizhub C451 printer, but I suspect it applies to the whole range. On purchase of the printer I was told it supports LDAP, and as you may expect this response somewhat annoys me!

Ah well, commercial support...

But you also did not elaborate on what *your* problem is.

"Referral Settings"

Is your problem that the printer does not chase referrals correctly? Then I'd recommend to work around this problem by using slapo-chain.

Ciao, Michael.

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