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Comments requested on some support for LDAP I received from Konica Minolta.

I would really like to here the groups comments on this email I received from KonicaMinolta, it refers to the Bizhub C451 printer, but I suspect it applies to the whole range. On purchase of the printer I was told it supports LDAP, and as you may expect this response somewhat annoys me!

quote "Thank you for your observations,

We have now received a reply from our colleagues in Germany and they have confirmed the following concerning LDAP compatibility on KonicaMinolta machines:

"In a Windows environment, it will work fine, but as soon as Open Source is used, it may fail.

The current limitation for LDAP is -->
LDAP user authentication "user name field" --> 64 char
LDAP address search "user name field" --> 254 char
All Windows based LDAP V3 compatible Servers are supported.

A problem may occur if within the reply string from the Server special
Characters which are not corresponding to RFC 3986 are used.
E.g. "^" sign within the names."

Support for Open Source is something they are looking into but for now there is no due date.

With regard to your question on "Referral Setting"

"Referral Settings"
Means to have an object stored in a local tree which is defined with certain (local&specific) attributes and with a referral to another object in a central tree which contains the (global) attributes (e.g name, email,..)

Unfortunately Hotline are unable to offer any further assistance concerning this matter as we are only familiar with Windows based LDAP connections from our range of Machines and suggest you refer back to the open source community."

Thanks for your comments on this,

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