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Re: AW: Solaris 10 Native LDAP Client TLS

Kick, Claus wrote:
Hello Farhan,

I experienced a similar issue with the ldap tools via Solaris 8, it
appears as if this is somewhat broken.

Solaris 8's native client had no TLS support, but that supposedly was fixed in Solaris 10. All in all it's easier to just use PADL's client instead, and have known/consistent behavior all the time.

To make sure:
Are your nsswitch.conf[.ldap!] settings correct, especially the hosts
line that the server can even be found?
I am not sure about Solaris 8 and 9, but for Solaris 10, when starting
ldapclient, the nsswitch.ldap is copied to nsswitch.conf,
so perhaps a necessary setting gets lost during startup (that is what
happened here during the reboot to get into production - almost had a
heart attack)?

The message

"Can't contact LDAP server" sounds a bit as if something like that might
be the case.


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