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Re: MySQL as MailBox and LDAP for authentication

Google search "postfix ldap howto"

Click on 3rd link, it will most likely be the following:


If you do not want 'virtual' accounts, do not use the virtual_ postfix parameters.

Ps. This is definitely the wrong list to post this question at.

Quoting koko fofo <ma7tag@yahoo.com>:

Hello Everybody;
Actually I read doc. about Postfix with LDAP and doc. about Postfix with MySQL but I couldn't find information for how join Postfix with LDAP to authenticate and same Postfix with MySQL as MailBox

======== Thanks

Jens Vagelpohl <jens@dataflake.org> wrote:
On Mar 21, 2008, at 17:22 , koko fofo wrote:
Hello every body;

I'm going to install Postfix mail server with MySQL as mailbox
container and LDAP for authentication purpose.

I want good documentation to do it.

How Postfix deals with LDAP is documented very well in the Postfix man pages and the other documentation that is part of the Postfix package. This documentation is also available on postfix.org. Furthermore, postfix.org links to a whole series of Howtos pertaining to Postfix with MySQL:



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