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Re: MySQL as MailBox and LDAP for authentication

On Mar 22, 2008, at 11:54 , koko fofo wrote:
Hello Everybody;
Actually I read doc. about Postfix with LDAP and doc. about Postfix with MySQL but I couldn't find information for how join Postfix with LDAP to authenticate and same Postfix with MySQL as MailBox

Well, I have always found the documentation on (or linked from) postfix.org decent enough, and even if there was not one single document that described exactly the setup that I was looking for it wasn't hard to combine several sources and get everything to work.

If you're looking for the 100% newbie handholding guide to describe your specific situation you may want to hire a consultant to show you what to do. Furthermore, from your messages it sounds like you have not even tried to work with the documentation that is available, at least you have not said what you tried and what errors you encountered.