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Re: Loading the refint module globally?

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
I've been wondering why I couldn't get the wonders of refint and
memberOf to play together, and even went to the extent of writing a
testsuite to prove that they could work (indeed, they do).

However, I eventually found my problem - while memberOf works very
nicely as a global overlay, the refint module does not (yet :-).

With it loaded per-backend (for now), it seems to work.  Any chance
someone could knock me up a patch for that, much like was done so well
for memberOf?

Well, it doesn't seem to be impossible, but it'd require some redesign. Basically, it should work if the suffix of the database is the empty DN (""), or if, in case of multiple databases, there is an empty DN database that glues the whole thing together.

The expected behavior should probably consist in:

- letting slapo-refint understand it's instantiated as global

- make it linearly operate on all the existing databases instead of on just the one it's instantiated for in refint_response().

The fix looks relatively simple, although I don't know whether there are any side effects, as I'm not too much familiar with slapo-refint's internals.


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