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Re: proxycache examples

Andy Cobaugh wrote:
> I'm working in an environment where the server I wish to use for user
> and group lookups (through nss_ldap on RHEL) limits the number of
> queries per IP per day to 200. I want to cache as much as I can locally,
> for as long as I can. This data hardly ever changes, so the longer I can
> cache, the better. I'm thinking of caching everything for at least a
> day, if not longer.

Probably, this is more a nscd issue; I'm not specifically an expert of
that piece of software, but maybe you can find yourself how to tune it
according to your needs.

> Does the pcache overlay currently support such long
> ttl's?

The duration of the ttl is held in a time_t, so I don't see any
reasonable limit there.

> Does anyone have any working pcache configs that can be used to cache
> the kind of searches performed by nss_ldap ?

I don't.  However, all you need to do is monitor the server's logs and
extract the filter/attrs to build the appropriate templates according to


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