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RE: Query Log and stats?

In slapd.conf, you need to set your log level.

Search for the line that contains "loglevel" or "logging parameters".

Edit or add the line:

loglevel	###

where ### is built from this info:

Level		Information recorded
-1		Everything
0		Nothing
1		Trace function calls
2		Packet-handling debugging information
4		Heavy trace debugging
8		Connection management
16		Packets sent and received
32		Search filter processing
64		Configuration file processing
128		Access control list processing
256		Statistics for connections, operations and results
512		Statistics for results returned to clients
1024		Communication with shell backends
2048		Print entry parsing debug information

(you can AND/add these values to get more than one active, i.e.: 7 would
give you function calls, packet-handling and heavy trace debugging)

You also need the entry

local4.debug		/var/log/slapd.log (or whatever file you prefer,
this is standard)

in your /etc/syslog.conf file and 

kill -HUP

the syslogd to force it to re-read the file.

Paul Blondé

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I am using OpenLDAP 2.3 as a proxy cache to our primary eDirectory LDAP 
Server.  The proxy is working but in order to optimize the cache, I need 
to specify the search queries and attributes to index in slapd.conf.  Is 
there an easy way to log what queries are being run and how often?

Jay Lee