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Re: CLDAP request - Netlogon attribute

At 05:56 AM 2/28/2006, Srinivas Cheruku wrote:
>I finally managed to write code which can sent the CLDAP request using openldap apis for Netlogon attribute. But for some reason the CLDAP response contains zero results. There is no search entry but only search result is returned in the CLDAP response. 
>I would appreciate if anyone can help me to know the reason for not getting the response with netlogon attribute values.

Well, I would guess that your code is actually fine.  That
is, the search apparently results simply contained no entries. 
You didn't state you believed the server actually provided some
entries that the library failed to parse and provide.  You might
want to determine somehow what the server returned.  (You might try
network analysis tools, but not sure they support CLDAP,
especially the MS-CLDAP flavor.  IIRC, CLDAPv3 has not been
formally specified.)  Without details as to precisely what PDU
the server sent, it would be vary hard to determine why the
library failed to parse and provide any entries in that PDU.

If you belive the server actually did not provide any entries,
well, then your problem isn't with the OpenLDAP client library.
You should ask in a forum specific to the LDAP server you are
using why the search request you sent failed to produce the results
you expected.