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CLDAP request - Netlogon attribute


I am having openldap-2.3.11 compiled with -DLDAP_CONNECTIONLESS to enable CLDAP/LDAP-UDP.
I am using openldap apis to connect to MS AD and sending a CLDAP request to DC to get the Netlogon attribute, but i am getting error as "io.c:81: ber_write: Assertion `buf != ((void *)0)' failed."

I didn't find any sampe code to send a LDAP UDP request using openldap apis. And i don't know the openldap api to use for sending LDAP UDP request. But, i managed to write some code.

Can anyone send me a sample LDAP UDP request/response program?
Can anyone please let me know where my code is wrong?

Thanks in Advance,

Below is my code...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <ldap.h>
#include <lber.h>

#define LDAP_HOSTNAME	"xxxhost.domain.local"
#define LDAP_PORT	389
#define SAMPLE_USER	"sample_user"

int find_netlogon(
   LDAP *ld,
   LDAPMessage **res,
   char *domain,
   char *host,
   char *attr
   char *Attr[] = {
   char search_exp[1024];

   sprintf (search_exp, "(&(DnsDomain=%s)(Host=%s)(Ntver=\006))", domain, host);
   return ldap_search_s (ld, NULL, LDAP_SCOPE_BASE,
                       search_exp, Attr, 0, res);


int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { LDAPURLDesc url; char *ldapuri = NULL; LDAP *ld = NULL; int rc; int ldap_debug = LDAP_DEBUG_TRACE LDAPMessage *res;

   memset( &url, 0, sizeof(url));
   url.lud_scheme = "cldap";
   url.lud_host = LDAP_HOSTNAME;
   url.lud_port = LDAP_PORT;
   url.lud_scope = LDAP_SCOPE_DEFAULT;

   (void) ldap_set_option(NULL, LDAP_OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL, &ldap_debug);

ldapuri = ldap_url_desc2str( &url );

   rc = ldap_initialize( &ld, ldapuri );

if( rc != LDAP_SUCCESS ) { fprintf( stderr, "ldap_initialize( %s ) failed with error (%d): %s\n",
ldapuri != NULL ? ldapuri : "<DEFAULT>", rc, ldap_err2string(rc) ); }else
printf("LDAP initialize successful\n");

(void)ldap_set_option(ld, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, &rc);
(void)ldap_set_option(ld, LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS , 0);

printf("calling find_netlogon...\n");
rc = find_netlogon(ld, &res, "domain.local", "xxxhost", "Netlogon");
if (rc != LDAP_SUCCESS) { printf("Error occured while find_netlogon\n");
goto clean_exit;
} else if (rc == LDAP_SUCCESS && ldap_count_entries(ld, res) == 0)
printf("No records found\n");
printf("No of records found: %d\n", ldap_count_entries(ld, res));

if(ld) ldap_unbind(ld);