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Re: slapcat backup inconsitency - several tries gives different output results

--On Tuesday, February 21, 2006 3:43 PM +0000 ricardo.ferreira@cimsoft.pt wrote:


This is the information you requested:

# What version of OpenLDAP?
openLdap 2.20

This is not a valid OpenLDAP version number.

# What database backend are you using?
berkeley 4.3.6

This is not the database backend you are using. This is the version of Sleepycat software you are using, which, if correct, is very old and predates the actual public 4.3 release. Please indicate which OpenLDAP database backend you are using (back-bdb, back-hdb, back-ldbm, etc).

# Is the server stopped when you slapcat?

# Is the server stopped when you slapadd?

## slapcat your db
# grep ^dn: <LDIF FILE> | wc -l
# slapadd your db
# slapcat your db
# grep ^dn: <LDIF FILE> | wc -l
# If those numbers match, then everything worked correctly.  I've been
# using slapcat/slapadd for years, and not had nodes disappear so far....
I've tried your code and everything went right.

Sounds like your program has a bug then.

I've found a new error.
If my openldap gets corrupted for any reason.

Why is it getting corrupted?

# 1 - I try to do db_recover but without any success (PANIC).
# 2 - I couldn't access my openldap
# 3 - stop server
       remove logs in /usr/local/var/openldap-data/log*.* -> I know this
wasn't suppose to be done
       start server
       OK to access
       done another slapcat and counting nodes gives me a different
result???? with many nodes that doesn't appears in my ldapBrowser?

What could I do to restart my openldap without removing my log files. I
supposed that's what went wrong.

First, if your version number of BDB is correct, you are running a very old pre-public release of BDB 4.3. BDB 4.3 was never stable for me at any release, I wouldn't use it. The recommended version of BDB to use with OpenLDAP remains BDB 4.2.52+patches, although BDB 4.4.20+patches looks like it may work well with OpenLDAP also.

Second, I'm guessing that your OpenLDAP version is 2.2.20, which is very old. I would suggest either updating to OpenLDAP 2.2.30 (the final release of the 2.2 series), or fully upgrading to OpenLDAP 2.3.20 (the current release). 2.3 has a number of additionally nice features, such as automatic database recover after an unclean shutdown.


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