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Re: slapcat backup inconsitency - several tries gives different output results


This is the information you requested:

#What version of OpenLDAP?
openLdap 2.20

#What database backend are you using?
berkeley 4.3.6

#Is the server stopped when you slapcat?

#Is the server stopped when you slapadd?

##slapcat your db
#grep ^dn: <LDIF FILE> | wc -l
#slapadd your db
#slapcat your db
#grep ^dn: <LDIF FILE> | wc -l
#If those numbers match, then everything worked correctly.  I've been using
#slapcat/slapadd for years, and not had nodes disappear so far....
I've tried your code and everything went right.

I've found a new error.
If my openldap gets corrupted for any reason.
#1 - I try to do db_recover but without any success (PANIC).
#2 - I couldn't access my openldap
#3 - stop server
       remove logs in /usr/local/var/openldap-data/log*.* -> I know this
wasn't suppose to be done
       start server
       OK to access
       done another slapcat and counting nodes gives me a different
result???? with many nodes that doesn't appears in my ldapBrowser?

What could I do to restart my openldap without removing my log files. I
supposed that's what went wrong.

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