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Re: Funding Open Source (Was Re: Accessing cn=config)

> I think cn=config is a major enhancement to OpenLDAP, and I would love to
> be able to use it.  At the moment, however, as far as funding priorities
> for Stanford, other things come first.  However, there are many other
> institutions out there using OpenLDAP right now who also could benefit from
> cn=config, and certainly from the interest on the list, know they could
> benefit from it.  I would love to see some of these other groups step up
> and join in with contributing to the development of OpenLDAP, whether it is
> time from their staff or money to fund the work via one of the primary
> developers.  Not only will they enjoy the benefit of having those
> additional features (as will everyone else), they will then be contributing
> to the ongoing life and growth of the project.

Not to stray too far from this commentary (I agree that it's difficult
to get organizations to contribute to open source), but maybe I'm
missing some of the great features cn=config could offer.  Would
anyone mind listing some of the pie-in-the-sky ideas that cn=config
can make a reality?