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Re: Accessing cn=config

--On Friday, February 17, 2006 12:30 PM +1100 Dave Horsfall <daveh@ci.com.au> wrote:

Is anyone actually using this?  If so, err, how?

Specifically (because this is as far as I can get), how did you specify
the credentials to e.g. LDAPSEARCH?  I can see the rootDN is "cn=config"
(from looking at "olcDatabase={0}config.ldif"), but what would rootPW be?

It was missing originally, but "-w ''" didn't work; I added "rootPW
secret" and that didn't work either.

So, is anyone actually using it?

I've tested it, but so few things in 2.3 actually support cn=config, I found it impossible to apply in a real world situation.


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