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Syncrepl & access control


I want to replicate only parts of my ldap tree. The documentation says, that
access controls applys to the replication, so I created an access control
that looks like the following:

Access to * filter=(foo=bar)
	by dn="cn=syncrepluser,dc=foo,dc=bar"

Now I set the attribute foo to a value of bar in all objects I want to
replicate. (the search filter on the consumer is objectClass=*). This works
so far, but when I delete an object, it doesn't gets deleted on the

When I make an access control in the form

Access to dn.sub="cn=a,dc=foo,dc=bar"
	by dn="cn=syncrepluser,dc=foo,dc=bar"

It works correcly.

So my question is it possible to get my first idea to work i.e. is it a bug,
or is it not possible to do things like this?

If not, is there another possibility to get it working?

Note that I have to replicate a lot of objects from different places, so it
is not a possiblity to create access rules for all objects. Also it's
necessary that the consumer can only see the objects it should replicate and
no other objects. Any idea?


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