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Re: Delete Subtree

François Beretti wrote:
> 2006/2/17, matthew sporleder <msporleder@gmail.com>:
>>It's just like trying to delete a non-empty directory in unix.  It's
>>just not allowed.  :)
> Yes, but in unix there is a flag for a recursive delete so you can do it :-)

You mean rm -r? But that's an option of a command-line tool. ;-)

So with OpenLDAP:

---------------------------- snip ----------------------------
usage: ldapdelete [options] [dn]...
        dn: list of DNs to delete. If not given, it will be readed from
            or from the file specified with "-f file".
Delete Options:
  -r         delete recursively
---------------------------- snip ----------------------------

Ciao, Michael.