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Re: LDAP Bind request seen many times in network trace

Hi Kurt,

Thankyou very much.

The code i have written goes this way

1. I have initialized using ldap_initialize(ld, ldap://server1.test.com:389)
2. Then i have ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s() for binding to the ldap server.
3. Then ldap_sasl_rebind() 4. lot of ldap operations like search/add/modify/delete.

Do i need to use ldap_sasl_rebind() if i have more than one ldap operations in my code? Can you please let me know when exactly ldap_sasl_rebind() is used or point me to the source where i can get more information on using ldap_sasl_rebind()?

Thanks and Regards,

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

At 06:45 AM 2/16/2006, Srinivas Cheruku wrote:

Can you please let me know
1. whether the behaviour observed in the network trace is normal?

It certainly not abnormal. See RFC 2251 discussion about multiple Bind steps.

2. How can i make LDAP Bind to only one server though i have many ldap servers in my environment?

Disable referral and search continuation chasing via ldap_set_option(3). See clients/tools/common.c for an example.