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LDAP Bind request seen many times in network trace


We have an environment where there are multiple Active Directories with replication in place.

I am using openldap library to connect to the AD to perform ldap operations like search/add/modify/delete using SASL/GSSAPI authentication.

I am able to connect to the ldap severs and able to do the ldap operation like search/add/modify/delete successfully.
But when i check the network trace, I am seeing many LDAP Bind Requests. Is this normal?

Also, I am seeing the bind requests to other ldap servers as well. But i don't understand why openldap is binding to other server which i have never initialised.

For eg:
I have 3 ADs

The code i have written goes this way
1. I have initialized using ldap_initialize(ld, ldap://server1.test.com:389)
2. Then i have ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s() for binding to the ldap server.
3. Then ldap_sasl_rebind() 4. lot of ldap operations like search/add/modify/delete.

When i run the code and check the network trace
1. I see LDAP Bind to server1.test.com many times - this is the server on which ldap_initialize is called
2. Also I am seeing LDAP Bind to server2.test.com - I don't know from where it is able to get this ldap server name.

Can you please let me know
1. whether the behaviour observed in the network trace is normal?
2. How can i make LDAP Bind to only one server though i have many ldap servers in my environment?

Thanks in advance,