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Re: LDAP Client API

If you are using C#, go with ADSI.  It will work with any LDAP
directory and is built into .NET.


On 2/16/06, Shuh Chang <schang@axalto.com> wrote:
> Hi Manuel,
> You might want to check out this link for what you are looking for:
> http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?cldap
> There are two areas that this OpenLDAP forum is supposed to cover: (1) the
> LDAP server itself: building (compling), installation, tuning an LDAP server
> (OpenLDAP basically), for issues much like what a DBA for a database server
> or system admins would concern about; and (2) LDAP client libraries: access
> to an LDAP server (again, OpenLDAP basically) from LDAP Client applications,
> for issues more like what an application developer would be interested. It
> looks like that your question is more of the second area.
> However, based on my experience with this forum, I found that this forum
> mostly covers the first area, but almost none to the second area. Please
> don't get me wrong. The LDAP experts and gurus in this forum are very
> helpful, responsive and knowledgeable on the subjects of OpenLDAP server
> itself -- if that's the kind of questions you have. Even though I do not
> have enough time to read all the postings in this forum, I found it's very
> informative and educational.
> For the questions in the second area including my own question (an LDAP
> connection issue, and I am sure that you'd run into this same exciting issue
> with Active Directory sooner or later) and others questions in the past,
> there is very little information you can find here. I would hope that will
> change over time though - starting by giving out answers myself. :-)
> The OpenLDAP web site has all the "source" code that you need to build both:
> the Open LDAP server and the LDAP Libraries. For the binary download, you
> would be better off to go to sites like Novell's where you can find many
> examples on how to use the LDAP libraries. I started out by downloading from
> OpenLDAP and http://download.bergmans.us/openldap/ as you did, but
> eventually was resorted to using Novell's JLDAP library to access the LDAP
> server (something equivalent to JDBC for database), and their developer
> forum for more pertinent information. My target LDAP servers included Sun
> ONE DS, Microsoft AD, and OpenLDAP. In your case, the C library and its
> examples should be all you needed. My exposure is mostly JLDAP though --
> creating persistent layer to LDAP servers.
> Regards,
> Shuh
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> From: "Manuel Reyes" <Manuel.Reyes@e-mis.com>
> To: <openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org>
> Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 11:42 AM
> Subject: LDAP Client API
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am currently looking at using the Open LDAP client API in a .NET C#
> > application to access data on a 3rd party LDAP server (Sun Directory
> > Services).  This connection requires me to make anonymous binds using
> > SSL, and also requires the client to present a client certificate.
> >
> > After reading up and putting together a few test applications, I should
> > be honest and state that I haven't got very far at all.
> >
> > Can anybody answer or point in the right direction for these questions:
> >
> > - Are these the only files that the client needs?
> > libldap.dll
> > libcrypto.dll
> > liblber.dll
> >
> > - Is the following the only resource for compiled Win32 binaries:
> >
> > http://download.bergmans.us/openldap/
> >
> > Are there any other Win32 implementations of the client API?
> >
> > - Does anybody know of any tutorials/code samples of this type of cross
> > language implementation?
> >
> > Regards
> > M