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Re: LDAP Client API

Hi Manuel,

You might want to check out this link for what you are looking for:

There are two areas that this OpenLDAP forum is supposed to cover: (1) the LDAP server itself: building (compling), installation, tuning an LDAP server (OpenLDAP basically), for issues much like what a DBA for a database server or system admins would concern about; and (2) LDAP client libraries: access to an LDAP server (again, OpenLDAP basically) from LDAP Client applications, for issues more like what an application developer would be interested. It looks like that your question is more of the second area.

However, based on my experience with this forum, I found that this forum mostly covers the first area, but almost none to the second area. Please don't get me wrong. The LDAP experts and gurus in this forum are very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable on the subjects of OpenLDAP server itself -- if that's the kind of questions you have. Even though I do not have enough time to read all the postings in this forum, I found it's very informative and educational.

For the questions in the second area including my own question (an LDAP connection issue, and I am sure that you'd run into this same exciting issue with Active Directory sooner or later) and others questions in the past, there is very little information you can find here. I would hope that will change over time though - starting by giving out answers myself. :-)

The OpenLDAP web site has all the "source" code that you need to build both: the Open LDAP server and the LDAP Libraries. For the binary download, you would be better off to go to sites like Novell's where you can find many examples on how to use the LDAP libraries. I started out by downloading from OpenLDAP and http://download.bergmans.us/openldap/ as you did, but eventually was resorted to using Novell's JLDAP library to access the LDAP server (something equivalent to JDBC for database), and their developer forum for more pertinent information. My target LDAP servers included Sun ONE DS, Microsoft AD, and OpenLDAP. In your case, the C library and its examples should be all you needed. My exposure is mostly JLDAP though -- creating persistent layer to LDAP servers.


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I am currently looking at using the Open LDAP client API in a .NET C#
application to access data on a 3rd party LDAP server (Sun Directory
Services).  This connection requires me to make anonymous binds using
SSL, and also requires the client to present a client certificate.

After reading up and putting together a few test applications, I should
be honest and state that I haven't got very far at all.

Can anybody answer or point in the right direction for these questions:

- Are these the only files that the client needs?

- Is the following the only resource for compiled Win32 binaries:


Are there any other Win32 implementations of the client API?

- Does anybody know of any tutorials/code samples of this type of cross
language implementation?