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Re: slapadd stop during import on a provider

--On Tuesday, February 14, 2006 1:04 PM +0100 Patrice <gopat@nicematin.fr> wrote:


here is the manipulation I did:
I stopped my provider server.
I stopped my consumer server.
I removed all the files under openldap-data on my provider and consumer

I start my provider server and keep the consumer offline.
but when I import data into my provider server the import stop

I searched , and found that increasing checkpoint from 100 to 3000 made
it work  in my slapd.conf
syncprov-checkpoint 3000 10

how this parameter can stop my import , and what would be the best thing
to do ?
(I want to have my consumer server offline till the end of the
should I import my data with syncprov parameters removed from my
slapd.conf ?

at this time I searched but I haven't found the way to go.

I have openldap 2.3.19.

Changing it from 100 to 3000 shouldn't have made it just suddenly work. It may have been checkpointing so often (every 100 entries) that it made it appear that no progress was being made.

I will note that "slapadd" is the preferred mechanism for initially importing a database, as it is many times faster than ldapadd, which it sounds like you were using. You may wish to examine your restoration procedures.


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