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slapadd stop during import on a provider


here is the manipulation I did:
I stopped my provider server.
I stopped my consumer server.
I removed all the files under openldap-data on my provider and consumer

I start my provider server and keep the consumer offline.
but when I import data into my provider server the import stop

I searched , and found that increasing checkpoint from 100 to 3000 made it work in my slapd.conf
syncprov-checkpoint 3000 10

how this parameter can stop my import , and what would be the best thing to do ?
(I want to have my consumer server offline till the end of the importation)
should I import my data with syncprov parameters removed from my slapd.conf ?

at this time I searched but I haven't found the way to go.

I have openldap 2.3.19.

thanks in advance