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Re: import to openldap

i see.
well the ldif is what i get when exporting my current tbird
addressbook.. so its kinda the default settings, didnt see anything i
could alter pre-import
so here is a one piece rip from the default ldif
dn:: Y249TWFya292w6EgTGFkYSxtYWlsPWxhZGEubWFya292YUBjZW50cnVtLmN6
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: mozillaAbPersonObsolete
givenName: Lada
sn:: TWFya292w6E=
cn:: TWFya292w6EgTGFkYQ==
mail: lada@centrum.cz
modifytimestamp: 0Z
homePhone: 777 889 111

On 2/11/06, Todd Lyons <tlyons@ivenue.com> wrote:
> Bringing this back on the mailing list...
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 02:46:50PM +0100, T M wrote:
> >hi,
> >im sorry but im not a linux guru and i really dont understand what you mean by
> >> Change what you're trying to add so that everything is under your rootdn
> >> and it should start to work.
> >
> >could you please tell me in a more straightforward way what exactly
> >should i do? like "where under rootdn". is that something i should
> >write into the conf file, or some directory or.. ?
> Change the dn in your ldif file.
> >> >> >adding new entry "cn=Ryvolová Ivana,mail=xryvi01@vse.cz"
> >> >> >ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
> >> >> >        additional info: no global superior knowledge
> >>
> >> So my comment in the last message is applicable to you.
> >>
> >> >> Just from seeing the admin that you're binding as with a base of
> >> >> 'dc=ireas,dc=cz' makes me wonder why you aren't trying to add
> >> >> 'cn=Ryvolová Ivana,mail=xryvi01@vse.cz,dc=ireas,dc=cz'.
> >>
> >> Change what you're trying to add so that everything is under your rootdn
> >> and it should start to work.
> Being more explicit, you need to change:
>   "cn=Ryvolová Ivana,mail=xryvi01@vse.cz"
> to
>   "cn=Ryvolová Ivana,mail=xryvi01@vse.cz,dc=ireas,dc=cz"
> There should be a 'dc=ireas,dc=cz' object as the base of the directory.
> Then there needs to be an object inside of it named
> 'mail=xryvi01@vse.cz,dc=ireas,dc=cz'.  Then finally, the object that you
> are trying to create will be
> "cn=Ryvolová Ivana,mail=xryvi01@vse.cz,dc=ireas,dc=cz".
> I do think that you're going about this in a slightly wrong manner.  I
> think it should be:
>   "cn=Ryvolová Ivana,dc=ireas,dc=cz"
> and mail should be one of the attributes in the "cn=Ryvolová Ivana"
> object.
> Show us the ldif you're trying to import.  That will clear up a lot of
> things and give us something to make changes to in order to make it
> clearer for you.
> --
> Regards...              Todd
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> it is ethical to walk in your neighbor's open house if they're
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