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RE: syncrepl stops after consumer restart

> Again, try working with the setups in the test suite and see 
> if you can duplicate the problem. Try
>     sh run -k test018
> when it finishes, both slapds will be in sync. kill the 
> consumer and restart it with whatever debug options you want, 
> it will start up and remain in sync. Then issue a modify to 
> the provider and see what happens.

I tried it and it worked. So compared the test configuration and my
configuration. After a lot of test I found that the relevant difference was,
that I had a 

 overlay syncprov 

before my database definition. After removing this from the global context,
everything works!

The fact that the syncprov overlay must not be specified outside a database
definition is not clear from the docs (when I first started with syncprov, I
actualy thought it needs to be before the database definition, which is, as
I know now, wrong).

I will add an item to the Its for an remark in the docs.



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