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Re: syncrepl stops after consumer restart

Gerald Richter wrote:

I have a working syncrepl replication. When both consumer and master are in sync and I restart the consumer, replication does not work anymore if I make a modification on the provider. If I restart again it works again.

So as long both copies are in sync before the start, replication doesn't work. If there are pending changes on the provider everythings works and continue to work.

Here is the log of the consumer:

--- In sync:
eb 10 17:38:32 bb154 slapd_2.3[30005]: @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.19 (Feb 10 2006 13:00:06) $ bbbuild@lnx1:/usr/src/packages/openldap-2.3.19/servers/slapd
Feb 10 17:38:33 bb154 slapd_2.3[30006]: slapd starting
Feb 10 17:38:33 bb154 slapd_2.3[30010]: do_syncrep2: LDAP_RES_INTERMEDIATE - REFRESH_DELETE

Any idea what's wrong? Or how to debug this?

No ideas, it works fine here.

Again, try working with the setups in the test suite and see if you can duplicate the problem. Try
sh run -k test018

when it finishes, both slapds will be in sync. kill the consumer and restart it with whatever debug options you want, it will start up and remain in sync. Then issue a modify to the provider and see what happens.

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