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Re: requirements for accessing schema in DIT

At 02:55 PM 2/6/2006, Brandon McCombs wrote:
>What is required to get openldap to allow the schema to be viewed as part of the DIT?

slapd(8) implements the standardized mechanism for LDAP subschema
discovery.  That is, it provides the subschemaSubentry operational
attribute in each DIT entry that points to the (psuedo) subentry
that contains the controlling schema.

>I've read different things like needing files in /etc/openldap/slapd.d/ and having to create an ldif file for cn=config (which did not work for me). 

You are reading about schema administration, not schema discovery.

> Can anyone be specific with what is needed?

This message in the old OpenLDAP-general archives discusses the
general LDAP subschema discovery mechanisms.

>The admin guide was useless in this respect. I used http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin23/slapdconf2.html#Configuration
>Directives for reference.

The Admin Guide does not attempt to detail the LDAP/X.500 models.
It is expected that readers of the Admin Guide have obtained
adequate understanding of the LDAP/X.500 by other means (namely,
reading documents about the LDAP/X.500 models).