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Re: How to recover replication?

invoke-rc.d slapd stop
rm /var/lib/ldap/*
ssh master invoke-rc.d slapd stop
ssh master slapcat | slapadd
ssh master invoke-rc.d slapd start
invoke-rc.d slapd start

Jacob Elder

On Feb 2, 2006, at 2:48 PM, Krishna Sivaramapuram wrote:

We have a problem. We added a bunch of data to the master without realizing that slurpd could get proper credentials to the slave. When we realized it, someone killed slurpd (after it cleared out the replication log) instead of fixing the slave.

Now we're stuck with the master and slave not in sync. When I restart slurpd it doesn't seem to replicate the remaining data. But I do see a huge slurpd.log in var/openldap-slurp directory. Is this the replication log that I need to use now to finish the replication?