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Re: Slurpd with OpenLDAP2.3

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 09:13 -0200, renato oliveira wrote:
> Hi, my name's Renato and I need for help. Why the slurpd daemon will not be
> updated for OpenLDAP 2.3?

slurpd is fully supported in 2.3, and I believe there's no plan to drop
it in 2.4.  It's not developed further, but fully supported and

> What is the other way to make replication using
> only configuration tree? Is the syncrepl the only way to make replication
> without to use slurpd?

Replication can be configured using back-config for the slapd side;
slurpd is not able to read back-config files, though.  If you intend to
use slurpd you need to have a slapd.conf around that is consistent with
the back-config tree, and you should not modify replication-related
configuration via back-config, unless you consistently update slapd.conf
as well and take care of restarting slurpd.

Hope this answers your questions.


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