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Re: Slurpd with OpenLDAP2.3

Hi Renato;

slurpd is still included with OpenLDAP 2.3 and it still works. It is no longer actively being maintained and I think is likely to disappear in another version or two... I'm sure something official has been stated, but I can't remember it right now.

syncrepl and delta-syncrepl are two alternatives to slurpd, both work and in my testing delta-syncrepl is actually faster than slurpd at updating the replica servers.


On 2/2/06 6:13 AM, renato oliveira wrote:
Hi, my name's Renato and I need for help. Why the slurpd daemon will not be
updated for OpenLDAP 2.3? What is the other way to make replication using
only configuration tree? Is the syncrepl the only way to make replication
without to use slurpd?

Thanks a lot. Sorry my english, Renato.

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