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Apparent database corruption causing bus errors

Hey folks,

I've been using openLDAP casually on my Mac OS 10.3 system for about 6 months now (via fink installation).

I had a power outage recently and now my LDAP crashes on search consistently with a bus error.

I attempted to do a slapcat to extract the data and (after exporting several entries) I see the following:

entry_decode: "8Z"
<= entry_decode(8Z)
# id=0000007f
Bus error

Since there's no way "8Z" is a valid record, I'm assuming my database has been corrupted. Is there any way to recover the data beyond this record or to repair the database?

So far my searches are making me believe I'm going to have to export the data I can, recreate the database and re-add all missing records. I'm hoping there may be an easier solution?

Thanks for your time!

Chuck Meyer