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Re: Hosting Multiple domains with the same ending dc?

Jorge Diaz wrote:

First Server -> dc=example,dc=com
Second Server - > dc=countryA,dc=example,dc=com
The first server must be the owner (Write Access) of dc=example,dc=com and must replicate the changes to the second server.

This is not possible with standard LDAP; you probably need to use the black magic of the growing collection of overlays. For example, how would you store cn=foo,dc=example,dc=com on a server which has a base context of dc=countryA,dc=example,dc=com? The hierarchies do not match.

The second server must be the owner (Write Acces) of dc=countryA,dc=example,dc=com and must replicate the changes to the first server.

This is possible, just by creating a branch called "dc=countryA" on the first server and replicating/synching entries from server2 into that branch.

The typical way this is done is to install an empty root server with a naming context "dc=example,dc=com" and put referrals to all of the country based servers, e.g.