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Hosting Multiple domains with the same ending dc?

Hi everyone!
Supouse this. We have two OpenLDAP Servers in two separated countries joined by one link over INTERNET (VPN or IPSec, etc). We want to have two domains in each server with Read/Write capabilities:
First Server -> dc=example,dc=com
Second Server - > dc=countryA,dc=example,dc=com
The first server must be the owner (Write Access) of dc=example,dc=com and must replicate the changes to the second server.
The second server must be the owner (Write Acces) of dc=countryA,dc=example,dc=com and must replicate the changes to the first server.
So, how could i do this? it is posible?
(I have tried to setup two diferents databases but OpenLDAP says that one contains the other, and if i dont do this, i cant hare Write Access on both servers (Each on its domain context))
Please Help!

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