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Re: OpenLDAP logging

--On Friday, October 21, 2005 9:27 AM -0700 Johan A <errai16@yahoo.com> wrote:


I'm using the latest "Fedora released" version of
on two computers running Fedora Core 4.
Everything runs smoothly except for one thing. The
logging stops and I can't really figure out why.
I usually run with "loglevel 256" for now to get some
nice stats. In syslog.conf I have redirected local4.*
to /var/log/ldap.log and I've instructed logrotate to
rotate the log with:
/var/log/ldap {
    size 30k
    create 0600 root root
So what can I be missing?

The logging is going through syslog, so if you rotate the log without HUPping syslog, it'll keep trying to write to the old file handle?


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