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ACL attr no visible


the ACL doesn't seem to have the effect I am waiting for....
I try to make some attributes visible to the owner and make them invisible to the rest of users. However, none is able to see them. I am doing some tests with the telephoneNumber. I would like to have it only visible by user 'beta':

access to attr=userPassword
by self write
by anonymous auth
by * none

access to attr=telephoneNumber
by self write
by * none

access to *
       by dn="uid=root,ou=People,dc=bsc.es" write
       by * read

but when I type the following command as user 'beta': ldapsearch -x -b 'dc=bsc.es' 'uid=beta' I can't see the telephone...
Can someone help me on this? I tried changing 'self write' for 'self read' but it didn't help.

Thanks in advance,

Xavier Fustero Benavent Phone:+34 9341 37718 Unix System Administrator Fax: +34 9341 37721
Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) www.bsc.es
Centro Nacional de Supercomputacion CNS