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Re: ERROR: Internal (implementation specific) error: entry store failed

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 18:43, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-10-18 at 08:54 +0200, Buchan Milne wrote:
> >
> > You should have got a warning about the missing macros, which should have
> > taken you here: http://qa.mandriva.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/BackPorting,
> > grab the macros.mdk4rh file and read the instructions in it.
> Short as possible, since this is more Mandriva/Red Hat than OL, but:
> I was using the spec (June last) from openldap2.3-2.3.6-1mdk.src.rpm.


A number of issues regarding building on RH (among them, adjusting 
buildrequires for instance) have been fixed since 2.3.6-1mdk.

> The said srpm installed in my rpm build tree, There was no warning; I
> did download and install macros.mdk4rh - no difference. Nothing I could
> do with the spec file would make it work.

Check if the macros are actually working, eg:

[bgmilne@build ~]$ rpm --eval '%mkrel 1'
[bgmilne@build ~]$ rpm --eval '%_pre_useradd ldap %{_var}/lib/ldap /bin/false'
/usr/sbin/useradd -r -M -s /bin/false -d /var/lib/ldap -c "system user for 
%{name}" ldap > /dev/null 2>&1

[bgmilne@build ~]$ rpm --define 'ol_major 2.3' --eval '%_post_service 
if [  $1 -eq 1 ]
then /sbin/chkconfig --add ldap2.3
        if [ -f /etc/rc3.d/S??ldap2.3 ]
        then /sbin/chkconfig --add ldap2.3
        if [ -f /var/lock/subsys/ldap2.3 ]
        then /sbin/service ldap2.3 restart >/dev/null 2>/dev/null||:

> Enfin, I found the Mandriva OL 1.88 spec file from a couple of days ago
> on the Mandriva CVS site, adapted it in *MANY* ways and now all your rpm
> sub-packages build and install on my RHAS4  update 1 system (whether
> they work or not is another matter, I didn't try that yet ;)
> But I had to change so much in the spec file (there were so many barfs
> and hacks before I could get it to build), that the claim that the
> original srpm would install on a RHAS4 system is ...

This is on a stock install of RHEL4 ES x86_64. I also tested on my clean RHEL4 
ES x86 chroot (with a new user account), and the clean RHEL3 ES x86 chroot, 
same result:

[bgmilne@build ~]$ scp .
openldap-2.3.11-1mdk.src.rpm                    100% 3563KB   3.5MB/s   00:00
[bgmilne@build ~]$ rpmbuild --rebuild openldap-2.3.11-1mdk.src.rpm
Executing(%prep): /bin/sh -e /home/bgmilne/rpm/tmp/rpm-tmp.1906
+ umask 022
+ cd /home/bgmilne/rpm/BUILD
+ cd /home/bgmilne/rpm/BUILD
+ rm -rf openldap-2.3.11
+ /usr/bin/bzip2 -dc /home/bgmilne/rpm/SOURCES/openldap-2.3.11.tar.bz2
+ tar -xf -
+ '[' 0 -ne 0 ']'
+ cd openldap-2.3.11


Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/openldap2.3-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/openldap2.3-servers-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/openldap2.3-clients-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/openldap2.3-migration-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/lib64ldap2.3_0-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/lib64ldap2.3_0-devel-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/lib64ldap2.3_0-static-devel-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Wrote: /home/bgmilne/rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/openldap2.3-doc-2.3.11-1rhel.4es.x86_64.rpm
Executing(%clean): /bin/sh -e /home/bgmilne/rpm/tmp/rpm-tmp.28006
+ umask 022
+ cd /home/bgmilne/rpm/BUILD
+ cd openldap-2.3.11
+ '[' -n /home/bgmilne/rpm/tmp/openldap2.3-2.3.11-root 
-a /home/bgmilne/rpm/tmp/openldap2.3-2.3.11-root '!=' / ']'
+ rm -rf /home/bgmilne/rpm/tmp/openldap2.3-2.3.11-root
+ exit 0
Executing(--clean): /bin/sh -e /home/bgmilne/rpm/tmp/rpm-tmp.28006
+ umask 022
+ cd /home/bgmilne/rpm/BUILD
+ rm -rf openldap-2.3.11
+ exit 0

scp rpm/rh/RPMS.rh4/x86_64/*2.3.11* anorien:public_html/rhel4-x86_64/openldap/


(packages for rhel3 building)

Only thing is you need to have the source tarball (bzip2'd) for db4.2.52 if 
you use the SRPM from cooker, since on 2006 and later we have a system db4.2 
with the necessary patches, I don't see the point in doubling the size of the 
SRPM when it is only necessary for people rebuilding on other platforms ...

> I used the unadulterated content of openldap2.3-2.3.6-1mdk.src.rpm,
> apart from using openldap-2.3.11.tgz instead of the original. Also,
> since RHAS4 already has (albeit insufficiently) patched BDB 4.2.52, I
> kicked out your BDB build.

Since the package builds on RHEL3 as well and we have to run it on some RHEL3 
boxen ... well I prefer to be absolutely sure on all platforms ...

> I already have my own Cyrus SASL 2.1.21 rpm 
> installed.

Since we don't really use SASL ... the build above is against the RHEL 

> The point is, that it looks as if my very last rpm target, OpenLDAP
> latest version on RHAS4, is going to be reached pretty soon. Many thanks
> for your hard work - in other ways, the spec is a gem.
> I spent most of today on the spec file, if you're interested I can send
> you my adapted one off list and maybe it can help, or alternatively you
> can point out my shortcomings :)

Mail it to me, or the errors you got, or we can discuss it on irc or similar 
(_ranger_ on Freenode, usually in #ldap, #mandriva, #mandriva-cooker and a 
few others ..).


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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