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referral precedence...

ver: openldap-2.3.11

while testing back-ldap and back-meta, i set chase-referrals no in slapd.conf for the ldap backend db.  while running slapd -d 1, you can see the referrals are still chased.  i went and set REFERRALS off in ldap.conf and the referral chasing stopped.  i then set chase-referrals yes in slapd.conf, restarted with -d 1 and left ldap.conf the same (referrals off).  the referrals where again being processed.  it seems slapd.conf overrides ldap.conf in the yes case, but defers in the no case.  is this expected?  i would have thought the no from slapd.conf would trump all, as the yes in slapd.conf does.  not a big deal, just not what i expected.

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