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Re: Openldap > Saslauthd > Openldap | Sasldb

At 06:43 AM 10/17/2005, Robert wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I have a quick question.  I have used saslauthd for
>password verification for cyrus-imap using the ldap
>mechanism.  I was wondering if it also possible to use
>it for openldap password verification.  I used it with
>kerberos having the userPassword attribute set to
>{sasl}user@KERBEROS-REALM.TLD.  What should the
>userPassword attribute be set to in this case?

Whatever the appropriate SASL user id is for
however you've configured Cyrus SASL to check

>Is it
>also possible to do something similar using
>/etc/sasldb2 as the password database?

slapd(8) just passes the user id and password
to Cyrus SASL for verification (via the
sasl_checkpass(3) interface.  Whether or not its
possible to configure Cyrus SASL to use sasldb2,
and, if so, how, is a topic for the Cyrus
SASL list.