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RE: SyncRepl Problems

this may be a silly question, but are you renewing your krb5 ticket that is used for replication?

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Subject: SyncRepl Problems

So I have a 2.3 setup with a provider that is the main RW copy of the 
ldap and then 2 consumer RO copies.  We are a Kerberos5 shop so we use 
GSSAPI/SASL for the SyncRepl connection.  The first time I sync it will 
work fine, or if I stop and restart slapd it will work.  But after a 
period of time which I don't know what is yet, it will no longer 
continue SyncRepling.  I have seen the idea about the retry option, 
which I have in use but that does not seem to solve the problem.

This is an up to date 2.3.11 install on all 3 (provider and consumers).

Are other people seeing any issues with GSSAPI and SyncRepl?

#### consumer slapd.conf
Syncrepl   rid=101

Derek T. Yarnell
University of Maryland
Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
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