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Slurpd and TLS/SSL

Hi All,

I got replication working on port 389.  I can talk to the replica server
on port 636 using SSL with JXplorer.  But when I try to use port 636
for replication, replication silently fails.  (The "silently" part is
especially bothersome :(.)

Both servers have self-signed certs, if that matters.

I found an item about how slurpd must use TLS on port 389, as opposed
to SSL on port 636, and went back to port 389.  Tcpdump revealed the
connection was not encrypted.

I tried "uri=https://host.example.com:389"; and that, too, failed

The "tls" options for replication are set to "yes/try," as appropriate.

I *think* that should about cover it.  Suggestions?

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