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Re: Cannot create a database with more than one level of subordination -- again

matthew sporleder пишет:

>If this is a test machine, try chmod 777 on the Permission denied
>file, and then try the fuser command (or lsof, or whatever) to figure
>out who/what is trying to open that specific file.
Yes, this is a test machine, at least for OpenLDAP. After I've read your
message I checked once more file and directory permissions in the
database tree and - oops - found a silly error (there was no "x" for the
owner in the directory mask) :-(

But after I've fixed this, I got back to the place I've started. Now
slapd starts and then returns an error messages ("Name not found") when
trying to browse the directory tree. The debug log looks like this:
slapd[20235]: => bdb_search
slapd[20235]: => bdb_dn2id(
"dc=7micro,dc=druzh,dc=kt-privat,dc=donetsk,dc=ua" )
slapd[20235]: <= bdb_dn2id: get failed: DB_NOTFOUND: No matching
key/data pair found (-30990)
slapd[20235]: send_ldap_result: conn=5 op=6 p=3

When I use slapcat with the same database it indicates no errors and
easily retrieve data from all subordination levels including the
deepest. When I remove the third level of subordination slapd also
starts to work fine. It seems that the reason lies in the slapd itself,
not in any specific backend or database format.

Has anybody some more ideas?

Thank you,
Dmitriy Stepanenko aka Mudropolk
e-mail: mpolk@kt-privat.donetsk.ua
ICQ: 112689047 phone: (38)(0626)41-93-06