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Re: Replicate through an VPN ?

Su Tam Nguyen wrote:
Hi all,
I intend to make the synchronization between master and slave server through
an VPN built before, and after this work complete, the VPN will be disable
too. So, this VPN is just active on demand.
I want to know when the synchronization starts, and stop. Before the
begining of this, the master will create an VPN and signal to the slave to
do the same thing. After exchange information on this VPN, the VPN will
I have started slapd and slurpd with the highest debug mode (-d 65535) and
got some information when the replication happen, but it seems not enough
for me.
Could anyone tell me about where the concerned code is , or suggest another
way to do so ?
Thanks in advance !
Su Tam Nguyen
Why tear down the VPN at all, what resource cost is associated with keeping it up all the time? Using a VPN implies at least some concern about malicious users on the intervening networks. What if a malicious user intercepts the message from the master that signals the slave to create the VPN?

Why use a VPN at all, why not just use TLS?

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