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Hanging mod command

I am running OpenLDAP 2.2.26. I have recently ran into a problem when I try to add a new attribute to an entry that has top and groupOfNames as its only objectClasses, it will hang when trying to run ldap_mod_add. In the ldap log file it shows the line that it is performing a mod:
slapd[19807]: conn=78 op=1 MOD attr=member
but it will not finish and post the next line that shows it completed. The strange part about this problem is once I have killed slapd and recovered the database I can do the exact same operation and it works fine. I then I leave it alone and the next morning try again it will hang on the same operation. But I can do other ldap_mod_adds on other entries of different objectClasses and they do not hang and then do the group mod and it hangs.
Any ideas of what is happening and/or causing this would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,