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Re: collect overlay?

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>>> servers/slapd/overlays/collect.c
>> Well, I already found the C source and the schema file.
>> But how to enable it?
> Like the source file says, it's mainly just a demonstrator, not meant
> for real use.

Yes. I just need a LDAP server with collective attributes for
interoperability testing with web2ldap.

> As such, there is no rule to compile it in the Makefile.
> But it should be obvious how to add the necessary rules to the Makefile.
> Build it as a dynamic module, load it with moduleload, activate with
> "overlay collect".

I've added what I think is missing to Makefile.in (see attachment). Some
lines are added to Makefile and collect.o is compiled. But the files
collect.lo and collect.la are not built. I'm feeling pretty stupid...

Ciao, Michael.
# Makefile.in for overlays
# $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/servers/slapd/overlays/Makefile.in,v 2005/09/01 20:28:11 kurt Exp $
## This work is part of OpenLDAP Software <http://www.openldap.org/>.
## Copyright 2003-2005 The OpenLDAP Foundation.
## All rights reserved.
## Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
## modification, are permitted only as authorized by the OpenLDAP
## Public License.
## A copy of this license is available in the file LICENSE in the
## top-level directory of the distribution or, alternatively, at
## <http://www.OpenLDAP.org/license.html>.

SRCS = overlays.c \
	accesslog.c \
	auditlog.c \
	collect.c \
	denyop.c \
	dyngroup.c \
	dynlist.c \
	lastmod.c \
	pcache.c \
	ppolicy.c \
	refint.c \
	retcode.c \
	rwm.c rwmconf.c rwmdn.c rwmmap.c \
	syncprov.c \
	translucent.c \
	unique.c \
OBJS = overlays.o \

# Add here the objs that are needed by overlays, but do not make it
OBJDEP=rwm.o rwmconf.o rwmdn.o rwmmap.o

LDAP_INCDIR= ../../../include       
LDAP_LIBDIR= ../../../libraries



LIBRARY = ../liboverlays.a

XINCPATH = -I.. -I$(srcdir)/..

static:	$(LIBRARY)

dynamic: $(PROGRAMS)

accesslog.la : accesslog.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ accesslog.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

auditlog.la : auditlog.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ auditlog.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

collect.la : collect.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ collect.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

denyop.la : denyop.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ denyop.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

dyngroup.la : dyngroup.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ dyngroup.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

dynlist.la : dynlist.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ dynlist.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

lastmod.la : lastmod.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ lastmod.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

pcache.la : pcache.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ pcache.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

ppolicy.la : ppolicy.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ ppolicy.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS) $(MODULES_LIBS)

refint.la : refint.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ refint.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

retcode.la : retcode.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ retcode.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

rwm_x.o: rwm.o rwmconf.o rwmdn.o rwmmap.o
	$(LD) -r -o $@ rwm.o rwmconf.o rwmdn.o rwmmap.o
rwm.la : rwm.lo rwmconf.lo rwmdn.lo rwmmap.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ rwm.lo rwmconf.lo rwmdn.lo rwmmap.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

syncprov.la : syncprov.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ syncprov.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

translucent.la : translucent.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ translucent.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

unique.la : unique.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ unique.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

valsort.la : valsort.lo
	$(LTLINK_MOD) -module -o $@ valsort.lo version.lo $(LINK_LIBS)

install-local:	$(PROGRAMS)
	@if test -n "$?" ; then \
		$(MKDIR) $(DESTDIR)$(moduledir); \
		$(LTINSTALL) $(INSTALLFLAGS) -m 755 $? $(DESTDIR)$(moduledir);\


.SUFFIXES: .c .o .lo


$(LIBRARY): $(OBJS) version.lo
	$(AR) rs $@ $(OBJS)

# Must fixup depends for non-libtool objects
	@if test -n "$(OBJS)"; then \
	OBJ2=`echo $(OBJS) $(OBJDEP) | $(SED) -e 's/\.o//g'`; \
	SCR=''; for i in $$OBJ2; do SCR="$$SCR -e s/^$$i.lo:/$$i.o:/"; done; \
	mv Makefile Makefile.bak; $(SED) $$SCR Makefile.bak > Makefile && \
	$(RM) Makefile.bak; fi