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Re: intergrate ldap directories

"Mark Coetser" <mark@thummb.com> writes:

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>> Subject: Re: intergrate ldap directories
>> "Mark Coetser" <mark@thummb.com> writes:
>> > Hi Ppl
>> >
>> > I have 2 servers each masters for their own directory
>> >
>> > Server1 = dc=des,dc=jhb,dc=domain,dc=co,dc=za
>> > Server2 = dc=cor,dc=jhb,dc=domain,dc=co,dc=za
>> >
>> > Is there a way that I can get both servers to have the data from both
>> trees
>> Yes, think of glue and back-ldap, or syncrepl.
>> That is, depending on the version you are running, you may define a
>> subordinate database or glue databases.

> Thanks for the reply
> I am running version 2.2.23-8 on Debian sarge, I am quite new to ldap and
> don't quite understand what glue or back-ldap do, I have a vague
> understanding of syncrepl which would be better to use and does anyone have
> an example slapd.conf that I could have a look at ?

think of something like

database bdb
suffix dc=des.dc=jhb,dc=domain,dc=co.dc=za

database ldap
suffix dc=cor,dc=jhb,dc=domain,dc=co,dc=za
uri ldap://the.other.server

database bdb
suffix dc=jhb,dc=domain,dc=co,dc=za

database bdb
suffix dc=jhb,dc=domain,dc=co,dc=za
syncrepl rid=xx
         <more parameters>

See man slapd-ldap(5) and slapd.conf(5) for detailed information.


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